151 NE 41st Street, Miami | zzsclub.com

By Vanessa C. Guzman

Modern Japanese
In the Miami Design District is where you’ll find ZZ’s Club, a Japanese restaurant and membership club offering cuisine of the highest caliber, personalized hospitality, and unmatched amenities. The two-level space is designed by the renowned Ken Fulk, a frequent collaborator of Major Food Group. The heart of the first-floor dining areas is a 14-seat marble sushi counter. The first-floor interior is an architectural wonder with curving bentwood banquettes and sculptural gestures on the walls and ceilings, inset with a hand-painted malachite finish. A teal cheetah print rug, antique furnishings, brass palm pendant lights, and vintage, custom-made clamshell dining chairs further elevate the atmosphere. Upstairs, the various amenity spaces are reminiscent of an early ‘80s disco, with customer banquettes, fringed stools, and cocktail tables, and a palette that includes metallic leather, animal prints, rose gold shattered mirror, velvet, and neon.


Caviar & Wagyu
After the hostess took my guest and I to our table, we immediately ordered cocktails to toast the evening. For the appetizer, we shared the Caviar & Avocado, delicately plated with chopped Bluefin Tuna. The tuna was fresh, the avocado was creamy and smooth, and the caviar added pulled all the flavors together. Next, for the entrée, I ordered the Roasted Salmon with a classic teriyaki sauce along with a side of Garlic Fried Rice. The Roasted Salmon was flavorful, scrumptious, tender, and perfectly cooked. The Garlic Fried Rice was exquisite, with just the right amount of garlic that isn’t too overbearing. My guest ordered the Wagyu Filet, which is a Japanese ‘Kagoshima A5’ that achieves the highest marbling of any beef in the world, responsible for tenderness, juiciness, and umami flavor.



Sweet & Tangy
After an amazing dinner, I was ready to dig into something sweet. The Key Lime Pie was my choice. A rectangular-shaped piece of Key Lime Pie was presented to me with a caramelized merengue and garnished with lime zest. Once I took the first bite, I fell in love with the buttery graham crust on the bottom that had a soft texture; the Key Lime filling was delightfully tart and tangy, and the merengue added sweetness, the perfect combination a refreshing ending.




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