2020 Vision: 5 Spiritual Places in the U.S.

If you can’t make it out to Cambodia, our “Escapes” destination this month, opt for these spiritual spots in the U.S. instead! Spirituality is very significant because it can bring you clarity, a higher purpose, and instill feelings of positivity and peace into your life! Check out these spots to open your mind and embrace those good vibes.


First, visit the famous Joshua Tree National Park, where you’ll float through the sands, marvel at the gorgeous Yucca trees, and bask in the glow of the cotton-candy-colored sunsets. Then be sure to stop by Integraton, a building that lies on a magnetic vortex and offers sound baths. During these sound baths, you’ll lie in the multi-wave sound chamber as 20 quartz crystal singing bowls are played live. Each bowl is keyed to a specific chakra, and after, you’ll feel complete relaxation.


Monument Valley is famous for its astonishing natural rock formations. It’s regarded as a sacred site by the Navajo people, the largest Native American tribe in the U.S. Book a Navajo Spirit tour to get the real run-down of this spiritual site—Navajo spirit guides will educate you on the significance of the land and you’ll be able to appreciate the renewing energy that surrounds it.


Haleakalā means “House of the Sun” in Hawaiian, which makes perfect sense here. Many native Hawaiians enjoy coming here to partake in ancient rituals, including worshipping the rising sun from beyond the mountain peaks. Ancient priests have been coming to this park to meditate and receive wisdom for over 1,000 years—plan your own meditation here to see why.


Sometimes referred to as a “cathedral without walls,” Sedona is known for a divine energy that occurs in places called “vortexes.” These “vortexes” are actually natural geomagnetic points, and people report feeling a powerful energy that then leads to balance and healing. Take one of the many vortex tours—some of which include guided meditation and yoga—to unlock this mystical energy.


Ojai is a small quiet town with mindfulness gems all over. Meditate at the sacred 32-acre Meditation Mound, a public meditation center with picturesque views. Then, go hiking through Los Padres National Forest until you reach the Sespe Hot Springs. This natural hot spring can reach up to 100°F and some claim it has special healing properties. End your day at Ojai Valley to witness the Pink Moment: a time when the sky turns pink, lavender, and peach.

By Aaliyah Pasols

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