2020 Vision: Five New Hobbies To Distract Our Mind and Reduce Stress

Did you know that having one or more hobbies can reduce stress and help you to feel happier and younger? That’s right, studies show that hobbies that involve visual thinking have a tremendous impact on your present life and your future, A study by professor T.F. Hughes found that engaging in hobbies for one hour or more every day may protect against dementia later in life and as a result help you to be more functional when you are older. By definition, hobbies bring people pleasure. They help put aside the stress by focusing on a new activity with a purpose. The result is a very rewarding feeling and a sense of purpose. So put aside an hour a day, and choose something you enjoy doing, try new things until you find an activity that gives you that rewarding sense of accomplishment and remember the end goal is to distract our mind and reduce stress. Now go and have fun!


Wood carving is a great hobby, it forces your mind to think in 3D. It’s probably one of the most satisfying creative skills you can develop and be proud of.


Record collecting is an ever-growing hobby with many branches to it. Finding first pressings and looking for limited edition records will awaken the treasure hunter in you. The music listening experience is a bonus.


Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby. Start by sourcing currency from different countries and time periods. then search for rare and limited pieces you can be proud to own and trade with fellow numismatists.


Ever wonder where your surname comes from or been intrigued by its meaning? Start by creating your family tree and ask your eldest family members for info. Trace your lineage by taking a DNA test and uncover hidden family secrets.


Fishkeeping involves creativity and lots of research and learning. Start by creating a unique aquascape, planting live vegetation and making caves for your fish. Study the interaction between different species for behavior patterns. Once you master it, try cross breeding and to create your own colorful versions of a breed.

By Alex I. Gerson

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