Bugatti Divo

An homage to Albert Divo’s exquisite mastery of the races’ breathtakingly intricate roads

The DIVO is the most agile and dynamic car BUGATTI has ever created – a perfect homage for the 110th anniversary, which will be held in 2019. A monumental driving machine, production will be strictly limited to just 40 units. Combining heart-stopping acceleration and greater downforce, it is made to excite – a car built for corners. Thanks to its optimal handling performance, the DIVO dances nimbly through curves; every bend becomes an exhilarating moment, a thrill that endures.

The DIVO is a more extreme BUGATTI. It represents a new interpretation of their philosophy ‘form follows performance’ with an uncompromising pursuit of the utmost aerodynamic efficiency. To shape the future, they have embraced the past. The DIVO harks back to the golden era of coach building, a proud tradition nearly a century old, by uniting a rolling chassis with a brand new body. The design is imposingly powerful and striking – unmistakably BUGATTI.

POWERTRAIN: 8 Ltr. W16 Engine with 4 Turbo Chargers
POWER OUTPUT: 1,500 HP at 6,700 RPM
TORQUE: 1,600 nm
ACCELERATION: 0-62 in 2.4 sec
PRODUCTION: limited to 40 vehicles