The Speedtail

McLaren’s First Ever Hyper-GT

A car like no other. A pure fusion of science and art in automotive form. The Speedtail is McLaren’s first ever Hyper-GT. Their most aerodynamically efficient car ever, and the fastest McLaren to date. With a pioneering 1050PS hybrid powertrain at its core, it brings together unprecedented levels of innovation and elegance to create a new benchmark in automotive design. It also offers owners extraordinary opportunity for bespoke personalization.

Innovation. By Design

McLaren’s design mantra, everything for a reason, holds true through every last detail of the Speedtail. The design is one of pure, streamlined elegance. Born out of the single-minded vision to create the most aerodynamically efficient car ever, there is an uninterrupted flow of air from nose to tail. The dramatically elongated tail is as distinct in the automotive world as the Speedtail’s incredible velocity. With a host of innovations, the design minimizes all unnecessary shutlines. This creates an outline so sleek it seems hewn from a single form. This is minimalist elegance at its apex. All honed around extraordinary, ground-breaking, performance. Perfect symmetry. Unprecedented space. Unparalleled digital craftsmanship. The cockpit of the Speedtail is an extraordinary place to be. Innovation touches every element. From the materials design, to the very layout of the interior environment. The heart of the Speedtail’s interior is the driving seat. Quite literally. Its central position recalls their very first road car, the iconic McLaren F1. It offers an unparalleled view of the road. And helps create a unique sense of space and balance behind the wheel. A feeling that is amplified by a stunning use of glass. And the seamless, clean dashboard design.

“The Speedtail is overflowing with extraordinary engineering. And yet, in its simplest form, it remains in some ways a blank canvas. That’s because the design team wanted to create a car with the option for unprecedented levels of personalization.”

The Speedtail breaks new boundaries. Not simply through its performance. But also in the level of customization it offers across color, materials and textures. The vision was to realize the ultimate achievement in bespoke design. To create 106 totally unique cars. And it’s precisely this limited production number that has enabled them to push into unchartered territory. What they’ve created is an astonishing collection of exclusive, innovative materials. Many are inspired by the non-automotive worlds of high fashion, luxury yachts and bespoke furniture. And many, too, have truly never been seen on a car before. Together, they offer Speedtail owners scope for personalization that’s nothing short of unprecedented.

“The Speedtail does away with a traditional rear wing. Instead, its trailing edge integrates controllable surface elements known as ‘ailerons’ – usually found on aircraft.”

Just 12.8 seconds. That’s all it takes for the Speedtail to reach 300km/h from a standing start. This is the fastest acceleration delivered by any McLaren to date. But the Speedtail is a car that pushes ever further. Keep on accelerating, and the car will reach its staggering top speed of 403km/h (250mph) – higher than any car we’ve ever created. Outstripping even the McLaren F1. It’s the combined result of a stunning aerodynamic design. A dry weight of only 1,430kg. And the immense force of the 1,050PS petrol-electric powertrain.

Innovation runs through every aspect of the Speedtail. And there are few places it’s as clear to see as in the car’s glazing. Interior illumination is provided by LEDs integrated into the glass. While advanced electrochromic technology darkens the windscreen at the touch of a button. No sun visors. Less visual interruption. The windscreen itself seamlessly curves over the driver and passengers to meet the unique porthole. The glazing continues in the upper sections of the doors to each side. And stretches rearward – almost to the rear axle. The result is a panoramic glass canopy that offers unbelievable light and space. And unimpeded visibility. Out in front. All around. Even up above.

“There is an elegance to simplicity. The dashboard is clean. Gone is the visual interruption of buttons. Instead, a state-of-the-art control system takes their place. the cockpit creates a flowing, ultra-modern interface. Effortlessly functional. Simply beautiful.”

Top Speed: 250 mph
Engine: V8
Displacement: 4.0 L
Horsepower: 1035 HP
0-60 time: 2.6 sec.
Weight: 3,153 LBS
Units Built: 106
Type: Hypercar