Art World to Agriculture

Takota and Tilt Farms Pave the Way for Upscale Agricultural Farming, Lifestyle, and the Culinary World

Takota and Tilt Farms are just two of the luxury homes and properties that encompass 2200 acres in the Redland. Takota Farms is a stunning Zen-inspired estate with over 15 acres of farming property growing three lychee varieties and avocados. Tilt Farms’ original cottage was built in 1929 and features the most extraordinary Banyan tree, as one of the largest in the United States. Since 2013, Michael Hunter, the visionary and property owner, resides in this magnificent estate. Hunter has an art specialist background and is also a documentary filmmaker with a special focus on Andy Warhol.

As an 18 year old, Michael was driving to the Keys and could not find any motels. He slept in his car and awoke to avocados hanging on the windshield. This encounter of lush surroundings became an epiphany of a future vision, his farmland. Michael’s goals are to bring awareness to the beautiful Redland as a luxury destination like Napa and the Hamptons. Hence, he decided to turn to the culinary scene with celebrity chefs and five star restaurants. He has collaborated with the farming community to showcase their products to Miami Spice, a successful culinary program. His team includes Alana Hardy, previous Director for Art Miami, Louie Carricarte, President of Unity Groves, and Steven Haas. Steven Haas is the Architect of Miami Spice and Executive Director for Center Plate at the New Miami Beach Convention Center and is leading the culinary market of South Florida from the Redland community. Starting this November, Takota and Tilt Farms will begin its Taste of Redland Dinner Series with top celebrity chefs. The highlight will be, of course, the Redland’s agricultural produce.

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