Living An Earthly Life


Vale is an old English word that means to “live an earthly life.” This is ultimately the healthy fast causal restaurant’s mission, as they provide health-conscious and protein-packed options for all three daily meals. The restaurant, created by CEO Sunny Ilyas, started as a meal delivery service but was turned into a restaurant in 2016 after seeing much success. The first location opened in Tallahassee and soon expanded to include locations in Tampa, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Fort Lauderdale, which opened in 2019.

The plates offered here cater to different tastes and preferences, with many options for customization. Guests have the option to build their own protein bowls, which are customizable with various bases and add-on veggies, proteins, boosts, and sauces. Bases include cilantro lime brown rice, sweet potato noodles, chipotle mac and cheese, and others; while proteins consist of ancho pulled chicken, turkey spinach feta meatballs, spicy ahi tuna poke, and more. Signature bowls are on the menu for those who may not be sure of what to order, like the Out Of This World Bowl, with cilantro lime brown rice, buffalo cauliflower, and ancho pulled chicken, topped with avocado Caesar sauce.

When craving something cool for a break from the hot Florida sun, check out the Superfood Station. Here you’ll find refreshing, delicious goodies such as avocado toasts, poke bowls, açai bowls, smoothies/shakes, and cold beverages. Some favorites include the Smashed Avocado Toast, a Chia Pudding bowl, the Dr. Vale Smoothie, with blended mango, kale, pineapple, ginger, and strawberry topped with chia seeds; and the Vale Signature Açai Banana Split, with split banana topped with a granola layer under two scoops of acai and a choice of two toppings and a drizzle of honey.

“We’re thrilled that Vale is a one stop shop for healthy food,” said Sunny Ilyas, CEO/ Founder of Vale Food Co. “I’m excited for the future because we’re continually working to grow the brand and expand into different markets to serve healthy food that’s delicious, convenient, and affordable for everyone.”

420 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale