Mo Pizza, Nono Problems

A fresh New York-style pizzeria has debuted on the popular Alton Road in South Beach.

Michael Liebowitz

A new pizzeria concept has landed on SoBe, and it’s not just any “New York pizza” spot. Nono’s Pizzeria & Bar by Frankie serves up Calabresestyle pies and draws on inspiration from Staten Island, where the owner Michael Liebowitz, grew up. To keep the authenticity of the delectable pizza pies, Liebowitz brought Executive Chef Frankie Fratto down from Staten Island to take over the restaurant here in Miami Beach. Raised by an Italian family on Staten Island, Fratto was always in the kitchen as a child, honing his cooking skills to perfect bread, homemade pizza sauces, and Italian desserts. The result was a crispy, thin-crust pizza with a focus on quality sauce and soft, savory cheese.

Chef Frankie Fratto

The menu at Nono’s Pizzeria & Bar by Frankie includes pizza options like plain cheese, vodka, margherita, pesto, arugula, and buffalo chicken, with a variety of toppings like pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, ham, anchovies and more. The pizza pies are available in either small (6 slices) or large (8 slices), but individual pizza slices are also a choice for the on-the-go pizza lover. The mouthwatering menu doesn’t stop at just pizza though—there’s also sandwiches, fresh-cut homemade fries, Buffalo chicken wings, Frankie’s secret pillow-soft garlic knots, and desserts like a Nutella pie and gelato.

At the moment, the restaurant is open for takeout & delivery and their by-the-slice window will cater to those looking for a quick bite to eat. For updated information on when dine-in service will become available, visit their website or give them a call!

By Aaliyah Pasols

Photo Credit: Nono’s Pizzeria & Bar
1222 16th St., Miami Beach