Return to Your Happy Place

This new Miami Beach donut boutique is sweet tooth paradise!

World-renowned brand Sugar Factory is broadening their reach beyond enticing mixology to reach a new, sweet horizon. Happy Place Donuts just opened this past May on the famous Española Way in Miami Beach, and it’s definitely succeeded in causing a sugar rush! This donut boutique and patisserie has an indoor café, a patio, a shared hotel courtyard, and a grand viewing area where guests can watch the baking process go down. Freshly made signature donuts are baked every day, and when they run out, they announce it on their Instagram @happyplacedonuts to save you a trip. Additional lovely pastries and treats include rainbow donuts, homemade pop tarts, gelato/ice cream, Hot Happy Dough Balls, and a creation called Swirlies, a combo between a milkshake and a blizzard.

Another sweet surprise? The donut shop also includes a Gummy World, which has more than 20 different gummy flavors to choose from, some alcohol-infused! Add flavors like champagne and peach Bellini on top of ice cream, and donuts, or just eat them by the handful! Once you’re done getting a buzz through the gummies, top it off with some liquid fun…Happy Place also offers a specialty line of mojitos, created to complement their donuts. The Sugar Cane Guava Mojito is made to be paired with the Guava and Cream Cheese Donut—talk about a match made in heaven!

By Aaliyah Pasols