Kim Ng

Kimberly J. Ng was born on November 17, 1968 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was born to Jin Ng and Virginia Fong—her mother was of Chinese descent and born in Thailand and her father was an American of Cantonese descent. She spent most of her life growing up in the New York/New Jersey area as she went to school in Queens, Long Island, and Ridgewood, NJ.

She left that area to attend the University of Chicago, where she received a B.A. in public policy, played softball for four years, and was named the MVP infielder. She graduated in 1990 and became an intern with the Chicago White Sox. Her love of baseball began when she played stickball in the streets of Queens with her father, so this was a natural move for her.

She then moved on to work in the offices of the American League and then the assistant general manager of the New York Yankees. She was the youngest in the majors at 29 years old and one of four women ever to hold the position. She would eventually work for the Dodgers in the same role, but interviewed for the general manager position—she was not selected.

Ng has interviewed for the general manager role with the Dodgers, Mariners, Padres, Angels, and Giants. She was turned down for them all and in 2011 left the Dodgers to be the senior vice president of baseball operations for Major League Baseball. In November of 2020, Ng became the new general manager of the Marlins. She became the first woman to become a general manager of a men’s team in North American sports history and the first-ever Asian-American general manager in MLB history.

By STEVE FARACE | @CineSportsTalk