5 Films to Stream During Quarantine

Look at the bright side: We all get to be kids again. When was the last time we got to lounge around in our pajamas for days on end, eat ice cream in the morning, and watch movies all night long? Unplug your alarm clock because right now, time does not exist. Everyday life that we all took for granted has been replaced by verbiage straight out of a George Orwell novel.

Grim and grave words like quarantine and pandemic are our new norm. Everyday activities like social gatherings, sporting events, and trivial errands have been replaced by social distancing, medical masks, and an unfathomable, apocalyptic fight for, wait for it… toilet paper.

Never fear, I’m here to help you forget about house arrest and hand sanitizer and concentrate on America’s new currency: bandwidth and streaming strength. Here are five films that are available to stream today that will make your time in quarantine a little more comfortable:

Seventeen years have passed since Bad Boys 2 hit theaters, but Will Smith and Martin Lawrence prove once again that age is nothing but a number. Bad Boys for Life is easily digestible and easily disposable fun. What more can we hope for during quarantine?

Both adults and kids will love this video game adaptation starring their favorite lightning fast blue hedgehog. Here is a family film that will give parents a respite from their children’s cabin fever.

As loyal followers of Think Magazine, you’ve probably already read my review for The Invisible Man last month. This gem was released digitally after just two short weeks in the theater. I promise you, this one will get under your skin.

Disney scores again with this tale about two teens that conjure up a plan to spend one more day with their late father. Heartwarming and funny, Onward teaches us not to take family and loved ones for granted.

Ben Affleck plays an alcoholic basketball coach trying to get his life back on track. The Way Back is a haunting character study that in a way throws Affleck’s personal life under the microscope.

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