It was a little over a year ago that we were just days away from A Quiet Place Part II being released in theaters. Little did we know that a film about a silent and unseen terror wreaking havoc on unsuspecting victims would be an appropriate harbinger of things to come. As Covid-19 rapidly spread all over the globe, A Quiet Place Part II became one of the first movies to get the axe on the cinematic chopping block. One by one, big budgeted Hollywood movies were being pulled from schedules as movie theaters closed their doors to a bleak and uncertain future. It’s been 14 months since a big budgeted blockbuster has flexed its muscles theatrically. Ironically, the one movie that was at the forefront of 2020’s theatrical cease fire, is the one film that will bring back moviegoers in droves in 2021.

John Krasinski directed and starred in 2018’s mammoth hit film A Quiet Place. The film about super-fast monsters with incredible hearing feasting on clumsy humans grossed a whopping $340 million worldwide. In that film, he put the audience on the front lines of an already ravaged world. In A Quiet Place Part II , he wisely takes us back to the beginning and shows us how it all started. Once we are all brought up to speed, we are swiftly taken back to the post-apocalyptic world, a few minutes after the first film ends. Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) packs up the kids and leaves the comfortable confines of their compromised farmhouse in search of safer sanctuary. On their travels, the Abbott family inadvertently meet up with longtime friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy) and he joins the incredibly dangerous journey.

With A Quiet Place Part II , Krasinski has once again crafted a tense and unnerving film in which the silence is absolutely terrifying. He expertly uses the crackling of leaves, the creaking of steps, or heavy breathing to induce nightmares. Like most sequels, Krasinski has doubled down on everything that made A Quiet Place so successful. The big difference here is that this film feels like an expansion of the story rather than a retread of an older one. A Quiet Place Part II will forever be known as the film that brought people back to the movie theater. It is fantastic!