Best New Films

Raise your hand if 2020 reminded you of one big cinematic summer disaster blockbuster. What was once the subject of science fiction and anything starring Will Smith, came crashing down on our front lawn. We ran the gauntlet and covered basically every implausible scenario in a year that just kept dragging on. Raging bushfires in Australia? Check. Disastrous earthquakes in Puerto Rico? We’ve got that covered. Massive murder hornets swarming the Pacific Northwest? Of course we did! One gigantic worldwide pandemic that brought the entire world to a screeching halt? Should we expect anything less? Alien flying saucers abducting defenseless humans for medical testing? Okay maybe that didn’t happen, but would you be surprised if it did? I think you get the point.

For the entertainment industry, the best part of 2020 is that it’s now over. We can turn the page and adjust the rearview mirror on a year that saw countless big-budgeted films rescheduled or scrapped altogether. The great news is that 2021 comes with a tremendous silver lining. All of those films that had to be moved around will start hitting theaters and, in some cases, your living room, as soon as this month. So, without further ado, let’s start 2021 on a high note. Here are a few great films available now to stream:

Run (2020, Hulu)
A paralyzed and sickly teen starts to realize her doting and loving mother isn’t who she claims to be. Run clocks in at a lean and economical 90 minutes of sheer suspense. Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen’s onscreen chemistry is seamless. Run is easily one of the best films of the year.

On the Rocks (2020, Apple TV)

A New York woman and her eccentric father try to discover if her husband is having an affair. At its base, On the Rocks is an excellent father/ daughter bonding film that essentially probes what we all already knew, Bill Murray is a national treasure.

His House (2020, Netflix)

A refugee couple flees war-torn South Sudan only to find a completely different evil waiting for them in England. His House expertly blends classic haunted house elements with a script that deals with emotional resonance and tragic loss. This one will freak you out!