Binge-Watch Movies On Top Streaming Services

While Covid-19 cases are still rising across the United States, we are starting to see a transformation in the film industry. A huge example of this is Apple’s $70 million-dollar acquisition of Sony’s WWII thriller Greyhound starring Tom Hanks. Originally slated for a June 2020 theatrical release, the big budgeted blockbuster will now take center stage on Apple’s new streaming platform. This helps Sony recoup the $50 million spent on production and creates more room for the logjam of releases like Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Tom Cruises’ Top Gun: Maverick that have been reshuffled for release in 2021. The purchase also benefits Apple by giving the company a bonafide draw with mega star Hanks and a “must-see” event film like Greyhound to add to their catalog. If this cinematic tradeoff is successful, we might start seeing a pattern going forward with movie studios and streaming services helping each other out.
Here are four films to stream in the privacy of your own home:

Greyhound (4/5)
Apple TV

Hanks stars as Ernest Krause, a first-time U.S. Naval captain who must lead a convoy of naval ships across the treacherous Atlantic while subsequently being under barrage by a pack of German U-Boats. Greyhound is a pulse pounding 80-minute WWII thrill ride with zero fat or filler. Buckle up!

Expecting Amy (4.5/5)

Comedian Amy Schumer gives us an honest, up-close, and personal look at the effects pregnancy takes on early motherhood. This documentary gives the audience a sobering behind-the-scenes glimpse at Schumer’s battle with hyperemesis gravidarum during her 2019 comedy tour. Expecting Amy is not to be missed.

The Old Guard (4/5)

Charlize Theron stars as Andy, the leader of a group of mercenaries with an inability to die that are entrusted with keeping order across the globe. The Old Guard is a bone-crunching and exhilaratingly entertaining action film showcasing Charlize Theron’s always magnetic presence.

Palm Springs (3.5/5)

Nyles (Andy Samburg) and Sarah (Cristin Miloti) have a chance encounter at a friend’s wedding and suddenly find themselves, for better or for worse, inseparable. With equal parts romantic comedy and science fiction, Palm Springs is a completely original film that will have you laughing and scratching your head.

By SCOTT PETERSON | @CineSportsTalk