Crazy Rich Asians

To be completely transparent, I walked into Hollywood’s buzzworthy summer movie darling Crazy Rich Asians with a certain degree of consternation. Every year I slog through an overabundance of formulaic rom-coms that are either chock full of sappy saccharine or are disease-of-the-week vehicles designed to manufacture hollow tears. You know, the kind that end up playing on the Lifetime Movie Network on a loop. Thankfully, my trepidation turned out to be baseless. Nick Young (Henry Golding) and Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) are the perfect, young New York couple. Rachel is a Chinese-American economics professor at NYU and Henry is your average, everyday bachelor who enjoys playing basketball at the YMCA, and binge-watching Netflix with Rachel’s pilfered password. Nick invites Rachel to Singapore to attend his cousin’s wedding and to subsequently meet Nick’s family. There’s just one small problem: Nick has successfully managed to conceal the fact that the Young clan is one of the richest families in all of Asia.

Director Jon M. Chu

The moment Rachel sets foot in Singapore, she’s immediately subjected to resentment and ridicule by Nick’s family, most notably by Nick’s mother Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh). Moments of tension ensue as culture and class systems clash. It’s at this point in the film that Rachel quickly realizes her place in the food chain. There is a scene between Rachel and Eleanor playing a game of Mah-jongg that might just be the smartest written scene I’ve witnessed this year. Crazy Rich Asians is a hilarious romantic comedy masterpiece that will have crowds cheering and exiting theaters filled with feelings of jubilance, joy and dare I say…love.

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By Scott Peterson | @CineSportsTalk