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Local Author Goes Full Circle in Cocaine Cowboys Book

In Fort Lauderdale, Chuck Malkus is better known as a public relations firm owner with a soft spot for nonprofits. In the literary world, Malkus is making a name for himself with meticulously-researched true crime books based on South Florida characters. Five years after The Ultimate Ponzi, the story of disgraced Las Olas lawyer Scott Rothstein, Malkus returns with Full Circle, the story of two key figures on opposite sides of the 1980s cocaine trade: Drug Enforcement Agency special agent Kevin Pedersen and his best childhood friend, drug kingpin Alex DeCubas. The two were wrestling teammates in high school then grew apart when Pedersen became the hunter and DeCubas the prey. Then in 2015, the retired Pedersen accepted DeCubas, fresh out of federal prison, as his assistant to coach Palmetto Bay’s Westminster Christian High School boys’ wrestling team.

“That’s where their stories came full circle,” Malkus said in an interview. “The book follows their paths, from Iowa to the DEA for Pedersen and from Cuba to the top of the drug trade for DeCubas.” Pedersen went on to form an exemplary career in law enforcement as he took down dozens of Scarface wannabes while DeCubas started out by stealing cocaine from street dealers then graduated to moving $500 million in Colombian cocaine in submarines and double-hull yachts. Eventually, he was arrested and served 10 of a 30-year sentence, courtesy of his flipping on fellow drug dealers. Fresh off the presses, Full Circle can be found in most bookstores and online.

You Can Live Like David Cassidy – For $1,500 A Night

For $1,500 a night, fans of David Cassidy can now live like the 1970s icon in the heart of Fort Lauderdale Beach. The Partridge Family star’s old house at 1600 South Ocean Drive near Port Everglades has found a second life as a luxury rental after it was bought for $2.6 million by two Maryland investors in a 2015 auction designed to keep Cassidy’s creditors at bay. “It’s more than just a rental,” said co-owner Thomas White. “We wanted something with Ritz- Carlton quality. It’s the best sheets, the best kitchen, the best of everything and a lot of David Cassidy memorabilia.” Cassidy, also known for chart-toppers like “I Think I Love You”, died in November after battling alcoholism. But his legacy, says White, lives on in the re-christened Casa de Mayan mansion.

“We’ve got tons of photos from David’s collection on the walls, things like a desk where he wrote music and his old cocktail table,” White said.

Cubs World Series Hero Anthony Rizzo Moves On

Former World Series champ and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School alumnus Anthony Rizzo is selling his mansion in his native Parkland after buying a $4.57 million mansion in the hipper Las Olas area for Fort Lauderdale, real estate records show. Chicago Cubs first baseman Rizzo, 28, bought the stunning contemporary home on Coral Way as he is set to marry fiancée Emily Vakos after this season. It even comes with a professional batting cage! After getting the new digs for nearly half a million off its original asking price, Rizzo listed his Parkland place at 6747 NW 63rd Way, in the Pine Tree Estates, for $2.19 million. Records show he bought that house for $1.8 million in 2013. At the time, he had just agreed to a seven-year, $47 million-contract with the Cubs, planting the seeds for his seven-hit World Series win with the historic Cubs in 2016.

by Jose Lambiet

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