Adam Levine finds his Voice

Voice Coach and Band Frontman Next Takes On Race Car Driving

Thanks to season six of The Voice just ending, Adam Levine seems to be everywhere — look, now he’s blond … now he wants to be a race car driver … and there he is commenting on the LA Clippers/owner Donald Sterling … and of course, he blew up his Twitter feed drumming up votes for his hand-picked Voice contestant Cynthia Grimmie (it didn’t work; Josh Kaufman won this go round on May 20).

So get ready for all this Adam awareness to be ramped up, this time around his role as frontman of pop-rock band Maroon 5. A new single will come out sometime this summer, in advance of its fifth studio album, “V,” set to be released Sept. 2. And a tour is promised as well, although no details were available as of press time.

VH1's Super Bowl Fan Jam

In the meantime, Levine will return to this fall’s The Voice in one of the oversized red judge’s chairs. No word on whether he’ll grace the show next spring, although he has been with the show since its beginning. With his blond locks already showing their natural dark roots, who knows how his hair will look next.

Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams will join Levine and country star Blake Shelton (and fellow jokester; did you see what Levine had delivered to Shelton’s pick-em up truck?). Season seven of NBC’s singing competition returns at 8 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays this fall.


Random Tweets from Adam Levine

May 20
I’d like to congratulate @TheRealGrimmie on winning a record deal. Either as the winner of The Voice, or with me on my label! (since Grimmie did not win, her record deal will be with Levine’s label).

May 13
Ok so I look a little bit like a drug dealer (he tweeted after he dyed his hair bleach blond)

May 16
I’m pretty sure I just saw a mattress commercial starring Patrick Dempsey dressed like a racecar driver driving a Porsche.
Just found out Patrick Dempsey IS a racecar driver. Awesome! Now the only thing that seems weird is the mattress commercial part.
I absolutely must become I racecar driver now. It just feels right.

May 13
Donald Sterling has become America’s racist grampa.

May 12
Anyone criticizing Michael Sam for kissing the person that he loves passionately on the most exciting day of his life are wrong. Period.

May 1
I can’t wait til the word “selfie” goes away. #andhashtags

April 27
I know a place where the Clippers can go that accepts all shapes, sizes, AND colors…. Especially purple and gold. #golakers

April 16
Vintage things are just better than new things. They feel better. They look better. They sound better. They taste better. They ARE better.

April 13
OK. I mean this sincerely. The Golf Channel is actually more inspiring than Coachella right now. For real.

April 8

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