Joanna Krupa: A timeless beauty!

Upon meeting Miami resident Joanna Krupa you can’t help but notice her beautiful blue-green eyes and sparkling smile, however her warmth and kind personality shine through. Born in Warsaw, Poland she moved to Chicago at the age of five. Joanna has worked as a model, actress, but is best known for her appearances on the reality television shows Dancing with the Stars and The Real Housewives of Miami. Currently, she is the host and head judge on Poland’s Next Top Model.Joanna_Krupa_THINKmag_cover_James_Acquaroli
Joanna fell in love with performing after taking ballet lessons as a child but really found her passion when she took her first modeling course. The rest as we say is history. At the age of 20 Joanna said, “I packed up all my stuff in my little Mitsubishi Eclipse and drove out to Los Angeles not knowing anybody. The first few years were tough and no one believed in me. I was told that I’m not the typical high fashion model because I was too short at 5’7”, too sexy and not a tall skinny stick.” Refusing to give up and move back to Chicago, she continued to follow her dreams. Her lucky break came when she met an agent and a photographer and landed on the cover of Maxim Holland. Throughout her career, Joanna has graced the covers of numerous magazines including GQ, Maxim, and Shape in which she was named the Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World. For many years, most recently in 2014, she was on Maxim’s Hot 100 ranking of the world’s hottest women. She was also voted German Maxim’s Model of the Year in 2004-2005. Joanna has also appeared twice on the celebrity cover of Playboy as well as a lingerie model for Frederick’s of Hollywood. Joanna was featured on the television show Superstars in June 2009 where she and her partner, Terrell Owens, were eliminated during the first episode. However, because of another team’s injury and disqualification, Joanna and Terrell were asked to step in and continue competing and did well in their comeback episode. With a love for dance since she was a child, Joanna, competed in season 9 of Dancing with the Stars with one-time champion Derek Hough and had a blast before they ended their run in 4th place.

Having a deep passion for animals, Joanna appeared in a controversial ad for PETA in December 2009 in which she was depicted as an angel floating in a Catholic church filled with young puppies. The message of the ad was to “be an angel for animals, always adopt dogs and never buy”. In three additional PETA ads, she has appeared nude in order to speaking out against wearing fur. In an April 2009 interview, Joanna said she was first motivated to promote PETA when she saw a horrific video of animals being skinned alive in China for their fur. “To be a good person, you have to be honest,” said Joanna. As an animal activist and because of her deep love for animals, Joanna founded her own animal rescue “” which is constantly promoting animal adoption. As Joanna states, “When it comes to the animal rights, I will fight for them to the day I die because their voices are defenseless and it’s my passion.” With six dogs waiting for her at home, Joanna works effortlessly to find fosters for the numerous dogs in need every day. “To be able to love what I’m doing and open my own animal rescue and give back is what’s important to me,” said Joanna.
A self proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, she has acted in movies, been a television host, a reality star and has been on countless magazine covers worldwide. She is presently a designer of a lingerie line,, which is sold in Europe, has a line of skin care products, Cellogica, which is made from the stem cells of a rare apple, and plays in Charity Poker Tournaments. To add to her repertoire, Joanna is an associate producer on a new movie, “Street”, as well as the lead in a new film, “You Can’t Have It”, coming to theaters the end of the year,
Joanna is very thankful to be able to live her dream with her amazing family by her side, especially the support of her husband, Romain Zago. Married in an elaborate fairytale wedding in June 2010, Romain is a businessman and owner of the nightclub Mynt on Miami Beach. Travelling between Miami and Los Angles, Joanna says, “Home is where my hubby is which is Miami, but my home away from home is Los Angles because of my work and my animals.” Although she considers herself a workaholic and is always on the run, Joanna says she is happiest just being a homebody and hanging out with Romain and her dogs. Joanna states, “I am an immigrant from Poland and with hard work, dedication and never giving up, the sky’s the limit. I never had anything handed to me and worked hard to get where I am today. I’m just the girl next door.”
What you see is what you get with Joanna and her motto is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Joanna is loving life and living her dream each and every day.Joanna_Krupa_JAcquaroli

“I’m trying to be the best I can be and leave a positive footprint in this world by being a good person.”