The Gloves are On

A New Level of Fitness at Strike Gym

Growing up in South Africa, Chris Holloway had a passion for the old school sport of boxing and loved watching the “greats” like Holyfield, Hagler, Tyson, Leonard, and Spinks. After moving to South Florida, he joined a small boxing/fitness gym where he noticed that the members were not your typical boxing gym clients. There were a few great fighters and some up and coming fighters, but a large percentage were just everyday housewives looking to partake in a different kind of fitness routine, something average gyms didn’t offer.
A new concept was born … a boxing fitness gym for professionals. With a history as a successful businessman, Holloway knew how to set up and run one for the long haul. “I recruited the best trainers and coaches and StrikeGym was born.”Strike mom frame
Holloway strives to emphasize old school boxing conditioning and fitness. “You have no idea what a few three-minute rounds in a ring feel like and the type of fitness and endurance you need to be a champion. Pro boxers have vigorous fitness routines and we wanted to offer this to professionals, housewives, teachers, nurses and others that were sick of the large fitness facilities producing no results. So the first piece of equipment we invested in was a full-size competition boxing ring. Then, we added a full complement of heavy bags, weights and cardio machines. Finally, we setup three large workout floors.”
Holloway’s staff includes Mark Sinopoli, three-time United States and three-time Canadian kickboxing champion; Cory Spinks, five-time world boxing champion and son of the legendary Leon Spinks and nephew of Michael Spinks; Johnny “JSizzle” Schulz, masters boxing champion; conditioning coach Andre Drummond; United States Marine Corps Trainer Caroline “Bubbles” Fogelsanger; United States Army Drill Instructor Alfio Colin; and master Zumba instructor Elsa Vasquez; as well as American Parkour Academy Ambassador and American Ninja Warrior veteran Blake “Thor” Barrett.
Holloway meticulously developed his fitness classes called Strike Fight Conditioning, a mixture of boxing, mixed martial arts, and boot camp conditioning. Also offering traditional boxing conditioning, level two boxing and team boxing, StrikeGym became a USA Boxing Sanctioned facility allowing them to train fighters all the way to the Olympics.
Moving to a larger space on the border of Parkland, Coconut Creek and Boca Raton, StrikeGym has established itself as a high-end boutique style fitness facility. The new location showcases a 40-foot high skylight above the boxing ring in the center of the room along with three workout floors, a Zumba and Taekwondo Room, a Parkour/free running room, where they teach the new Parkour program.
With much success, they attracted higher-end clientele who loved the fact that they could train like pros with pros and see real results.
Corrie Mittleman, a licensed massage therapist, attends boot camps at the gym, often two times a day. She boxes as part of the boot camps, which thoroughly enjoys. “I love everything about it. It’s fun. You’re working out hard. You can see results,” she said.
StrikeGym’s members consist of 60 percent women and 40 percent men with the emphasis on a lot of moms. Many of them actually compete in amateur masters boxing events where the master’s are boxers over 35 years old.

“Because of StrikeGym, I no longer work out, I train,”

said local housewife Belinda Jaramillo.
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