April Senses

Keep your senses activated with captivating sights, savory tastes, enthralling sounds, fragrant scents, and products that are worth getting your hands on. Each month you can stay in tune with the hottest trends—here we highlight all things remarkable and noteworthy from music to tasty recipes, the finest colognes, and more!


Come Sail Away with Me
Intimate celebrations are a truly special time. Celebrate safely and cruise alongside your closest friends and family with Prime Luxury Experience. They offer a range of selections that best fit your specific desires, such as the popular 110’ Horizon vessel, which can host 13 people with 4 rooms and 4 baths as well as amenities and activities.


Sweet Guilt by Angelica
Wedding planning season…the perfect time t o activate your sweet tooth with Sweet Guilt. Inspired by childhood influences and a thorough professional education, Angelica perfects customized luxurious desserts with handcrafted recipes and vegan and kosher options that are complemented by all organic ingredients. Angelica lets her creations speak for themselves.


Leading the industry in engineering with intelligently optimized clean-and-run time and twice the suction as any cordless vacuum, Dyson has created lightweight and versatile models that adapt for whole house cleans to everyday pet hair pick-up. These vacuums are top of the line, everyday-ready gifts for any newlywed couple.

BY Allie Stokes