Graceful Palette

The holidays are arriving along with fabulous black tie events. Here’s  an exiting sampling of how to dress to impress from head to toe. Enjoy this season’s hottest swag, sensual and sultry looks for him and her! Sending good wishes for a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Think Mag Nov

She is wearing Zola Keller’s Janine gown $159, diamond and amethyst earrings $4,500, and yellow and white diamond bracelet $49,000. He is wearing Moda Mario navy tux $1,895, tuxedo shirt $215, and Dion bow tie $125. Rolex Daytona watch $75,000, and white gold and diamonds cufflinks $950.

Think Mag Nov

She is wearing Zola Keller’s John Ataker dress $149, rose gold, kunzite, and diamond necklace, $55,000 and rose gold and pink diamond bracelet $15,000, and Guess shoes $139. He is wearing Maus and Hoffman paisley sport jacket $995, sport shirt $168, Stefano Ricci tie $265, Solemner slacks $695, leather belt $175, Hublot Classic Fusion Chronographic watch $17,500, gold cigar cufflinks $1,250, and Artioli shoes $1,725.

Think Mag Nov

She is wearing Zola Keller’s Secret Closet John Paul Ataker white gown $198, gold and ruby chestnut pin $2,500, gold, ruby, and diamond earrings $5,900, and handmade platinum ruby and diamond ring $50,000. He is wearing Moda Mario red velvet tuxedo jacket $1,295, tuxedo shirt $215, FeFe hankie $125, gold and black onyx cufflinks $500, Hickey Freeman pant $395, Hublot Classic Fusion watch $17,500.

Think Mag Nov

She is wearing  Zola Keller’s John Paul Ataker silver gown $229, rose gold and diamond earrings $5,950. He is wearing Mays and Hoffman formal jacket $1,195, Eton tux shirt $275, Vitaliano bow tie $116, Luciano Moresco slacks $295, Maus and Hoffman belt $125, and FeFe socks $35, Maus and Hoffman shoes $395, Hublot Classic Fusion watch $17,500 ad Daoud’s gold and black onyx cufflinks $500.

Think Mag Nov

She is wearing  Moda Mario GMS-75 rabbit jacket $2,395, black Halo jumpsuit $375, platinum diamond necklace $19,000, and Cartier watch $26,500. He is wearing Maus and Hoffman jacket $995, bow tie $135, hankie $55, Eton shirt $275, Hickey Freeman pants $395, white gold diamonds cufflinks $950, and Rolex Daytona diamond and sapphire watch $75,000.


Photographer – JULIAN RESTREPO

Creative Director – BIANCA SÁNCHEZ

Hair & Makeup – JUDE ANDAM

Photography Assistant – LIO ABAL






818 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Her exquisite jewelry from DAOUD’S FINE JEWELRY

2473 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL


His clothes from MODA MARIO

805 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL

His clothes and shoes from MAUS AND HOFFMAN

800 E Las Olas Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL

Shot on Location EVENTS BY GRATEFUL PALATE AT SHOOTERS. An amazing place that provides a unique special event venue with superb food and service, event planning and a waterfront location. It offers a truly unique setting to celebrate any special occasion. And its elegant décor designs made this shoot graceful.

3003 NE 32nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL