In the Age of Self-Quarantine, Social Media Challenges Reign

With social distancing measures being implemented all across the country, everyone—except for essential workers—has had to deal with the around-the-clock boredom due to staying home. This boredom has given way to numerous social media challenges. Some involve quirky, choreographed dances; while others inspire you to get active, but most of them are all in some harmless, good fun. Read on to discover some of the most popular challenges that have swept across social media throughout COVID-19.

This couples challenge technically isn’t from the age of coronavirus—it actually began way back in late February to early March, but is still receiving new posts under the hashtag. The challenge began on social media video platform TikTok and involves a couple switching each other’s clothes and dancing in a mirror. The video has a snippet of Drake’s 2018 song “Nonstop” playing in the background and the “switch” takes place when he says, “Look, I just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped) / I don’t know nobody else that’s doin’ this.” Tons of celebrities have already joined in on the fun like J. Lo and A. Rod, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa, and Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon.

Schools have been closed all across the country due to the fear of spreading the highly contagious virus. That has left countless kids bored at home, missing their friends and playground adventures. Then came the Bear Hunt challenge, where people leave teddy bears in their windows for kids to find—a sort of social media scavenger hunt, if you will. The challenge, which is attached to the hashtag, #goingonabearhunt, is being done all over the U.S., giving kids some much-needed moments of amusement and excitement during this uncertain time.

Another cute couples challenge is the Koala Challenge! This one will test the couples’ strength, flexibility, and um, climbing skills? The premise of this is for one half of the couple to stand in a star shape, while the other person attempts to climb over and under, and completely around the person while not touching the floor—you know, like a koala. The challenge has made for some pretty fascinating videos of fitness couples showing off their capabilities, while also making room for a lot of #fails that inspire laughs.

Remember when I mentioned that some of the challenges were pointless, yet all in good fun? Well, this is one of the challenges that might make you go: “…Really?” This challenge debuted on TikTok and features people trying to get a cookie into their mouth by strategically sliding it down their face. It’s usually first placed on the forehead and then through various techniques, somehow makes its way into the mouth. Of course, this one has been very popular with kids.

If you’ve seen friends on Instagram captioning less-than-flattering pictures of themselves “Until Tomorrow,” you’re probably wondering what’s going on. Well, it’s another social media challenge, in which someone has to post an embarrassing picture of themselves and leave it up for 24 hours. Whoever likes the picture will get a DM that encourages them to do the same, tag the original poster, and maintain the secrecy of the challenge. The hashtag #untiltomorrow currently has over 2 million posts and growing!

Ah, yes. How could there be an explosion of social media challenges without the fitness community making one themselves? This one is pretty simple—someone does a certain amount of pushups (usually 10) and tags a bunch of friends to do the same with the caption “See 10, Do 10!” The video is posted to the “stories” feature on Instagram and those tagged are expected to repost the original and film their own. May the strongest man or woman win!

A wacky social media trend for the physically capable: The Handstand Challenge. This one came into the public eye when actor Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming) participated in it on his Instagram story. To partake in this one, you have to maintain a handstand while attempting to put a shirt over your head. Heads up: it’s not as easy as it may sound! If you need inspo, look up actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s attempt—if it still doesn’t convince you to try, at least you would have seen him shirtless!

By Aaliyah Pasols