March Senses

Keep your senses activated with captivating sights, savory tastes, enthralling sounds, fragrant scents, and products that are worth getting your hands on. Each month you can stay in tune with the hottest trends—here we highlight all things remarkable and noteworthy from music to tasty recipes, the finest colognes, and more!


“Thrive” by Daniel Popper
A rustic 14-ton, 27-foot-tall sculpture named “Thrive” by Daniel Popper is located on property in downtown Fort Lauderdale at Society Las Olas. It ’s sculpted with pieces made of glass-fiber- reinforced concrete and steel. Daniel Popper is a multidisciplinary artist known globally f or his larger-than-life sculptures and spectacular public art installations. “Thrive” is definitely a sight worth seeing.


The former Executive Chef at Monkitail in the Diplomat in Hollywood, Chef Taek Lee, has planted his own flag a t the Conrad in Fort Lauderdale. Takato is a chic, contemporary Asian-Korean fusion bistro that celebrates Chef Taek’s culinary journey. Be sure to bring company as the plates are family style and are meant to be shared.


Jo Malone
Make a house a home with The House of Jo Malone, complementing all of your favorite rooms and spaces. A luxury fragrance collection curated in the heart of London and founded in 1990 by Jo Malone, the fragrance is praised for its finest quality ingredients and its ability to be layered— essentially creating a personal scent catered to your preference.

By Allie Stokes