May Senses

Keep your senses activated with captivating sights, savory tastes, enthralling sounds, fragrant scents, and products that are worth getting your hands on. Each month you can stay in tune with the hottest trends—here we highlight all things remarkable and noteworthy from music to tasty recipes, the finest colognes, and more!


Every Wall is a Door
Superblue Miami, a transcendent world created by teamLab, will open this spring. An immersive light, video, and sound experience created by artists Es Devlin, teamLab, and James Turrell; Superblue is dedicated to producing, presenting and engaging audiences with experiential art. Embark on a multi-sensory journey through installations that are as visually spectacular as the y are thought-provoking.


Cecconis Miami
Situated in the courtyard of Soho Beach House, Cecconis Miami Beach is a modern da y classic Italian-style restaurant delivering an approachable menu of delicious Venetian dishes, all within an incredibly sexy venue filled with silver button trees, dangling lights, and trellises. Be sure to check out the boozy, jazz-enthralled Sunday brunch buffet too!


Holy Peony by Maison Christian Dior
“Holy Peony is a luminous scent, like a rose without thorns, soft, y et confident.” François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator. This fragrance is draped in the lightest cloaks of r ose water and fresh lilies, with sparkling notes of raspberry and strawberry accentuated by woods and musks for a delicate amber charm. A highly sought-after olfactory enhancer destined for the classiest of women.

By Allie Stokes