I Don’t Think I Love You: David Cassidy’s Wife Seeks Divorce

Deeming their marriage “irretrievably broken,” the wife of singer David Cassidy filed for divorce Valentine’s week in Fort Lauderdale.

According to the filing, Sue Shifrin-Cassidy appears to have no hope to patch her 23-year marriage to the singer of “I Think I Love You” back together, and she’s asking for her share of the value of the couple’s fancy, $2 million canal home in the city’s Harbor Beach section.

The case will be shepherded by rookie Broward County judge Tim Bailey.

According to the court papers, the Cassidys have been working on a settlement agreement for months and are believed to be this close to signing it.

One of the issues left appears to be the ownership of the crib that the couple bought in 2001.

If the two are unable to sign a settlement agreement, Sue’s complaint reads, then she’ll ask the judge to force a sale.