Qatar: Pearl of the Middle East

Four “Must Visit” Cities


Qatar is considered to be the pearl of the Arab world with beautiful modern cities, thousands of years of history and the highest per-capita income in the world.  With so much to offer, Qatar is the perfect spot for those wanting a luxurious vacation. Whether visiting the capital city of Doha or one of Qatar’s famous beaches, this country is the perfect middle east getaway.  Narrowing a vacation site may prove difficult, but four cities stand out as must see on any Qatar vacation. According to CNN, these four are not the only great places to visit while in Qatar.


The capital city of Doha is the first stop on a Qatar vacation. The capital houses Qatar’s history in various museums that are a must see. Visit the Museum of Islamic Art, which houses art work from the 7th to 19th century, encompassing art mediums such as metal work, textiles and glass.

The Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art picks up the art collection from the 19th century to current times and is centered in the heart of the city’s educational district.  For those interested in the religion of Islam, the Islamic Culture Center is a great place to learn about the religion and the center is complete with a beautiful mosque.

Al Zubara 

Al Zubara is located 62 miles from the capital city of Doha and has been designated an archeological site due to its historical importance. A short car ride or bus trip brings tourists to the fort and historicalarea. Information is contained on its history in the fort. Camels are often offered for rides for vacationers wanting their first camel ride.

For looking for the overnight camping experience, Al Zubara has a  nearby camping grounds. While visiting the fort, don’t miss some of the spacious palaces in the nearby city. One of the best ways to visit Al Zubara is through a tour guide, which often offers other amenities on the tour.

Al Jassasiya

Only 46 miles from Doha, the Al Jassasiya carvings give visitors a peak into Qatar’s historical past. Located Northeast of Doha, this site contains unique petroglyphs or carvings in stone. What makes the carvings unique are their artistic quality and preservation. There are a total of 900 glyphs throughout the Al – Jassasiya archeological site. Many of the carvings depict geometric designs with the most interesting representing a huge daisy with 71 shaped daisy patterns. Historians believe the patterns was used for an ancient game called Jebels.

Umm Bab

Umm Bab is located on the west coast of Qatar, about 50 miles from the capital city. This beach is known as the Palm Tree Beach for its unique outcropping of palm trees. No vacation to Qatar is complete without a visit to one of its many beaches and Umm Bab offers a quiet beach getaway. This is the perfect beach for families and is know for small shallow water inlets and fresh water vegetation.

All of these sites are within an hours ride from Doha. Stay at one of these great luxury hotels in the capital city and enjoy fine dining while taking in the sites of nearby Qatar.