Closet Confidential: Jeremy Ruccio

Just imagine opening a closet door to find 15 custom suits, 10 sports coats, 150 ties, 50 shirts, 10 glasses, five leather jackets, and a sizeable shoe collection. Some people might have skeletons in their closet, but 32-year-old Jeremy Ruccio, senior vice president with Merrill Lynch’s Global Wealth Management Division, has a fashionista’s dream in his. “A must for every wardrobe and my favorite pieces of clothing are Hermes silk pocket squares. I own around 20 of them and I believe they are the perfect accessory to a finely tailored suit,” he said.
jeremy)2Jeremy attributes his sense of style to his great-grandfather, who wore a custom three-piece suit every day of his life. “One of my prize possessions is a picture of him holding me as a baby when he was 101 years old. I guess fashion is in my blood,” Jeremy said. Traveling to Europe has influenced him as well. “The Italians know how to dress!”
Traveling is his passion and every month Jeremy picks an international destination and flies there just for the weekend. “Hong Kong, Brazil, Italy, Barcelona, Shanghai, Switzerland, Argentina, and Germany are some of the trips in the past year. For me it is such a thrill to experience these cultures over a weekend and be back at the office Monday morning,” he said.
Jeremy grew up in Pennsylvania and never would have thought he would someday be living 54 floors up with a majestic view of the ocean and downtown Miami, one of his favorite things about South Florida. His proudest moment professionally came when he won the Financial Advisor Banking Champion of the Year two years in a row (2012-2013). On a personal note, Jeremy added, “being able to spoil my mother is a big accomplishment. My father died when I was nine and she went back to school for her doctorate so she could put me through private school. Now I can give back to her.”