It’s Time for a Rock Revival… Bring Back the 80’s

By Melissa Sweredoski

“RockFest 80’s is taking you back to the days of big hair, crazy cool clothes and most importantly, good music.” 

There’s no better feeling than thousands of people coming together to worship one common thing: live legendary rock and roll music. Long live the guitar slaying superstars who rocked thousands of stages and won our hearts time and time again. Still having trouble easing up on the hair spray and glitter? Spandex, mesh tops and the beginning of rocker grunge are all staples of 1980’s culture that some of us just can’t seem to let go…

This culture was held together by one thing: the music. Whether you were cruising down the street in a brand new Camaro or winning every game of pinball in the arcade hall, music was blaring and the sweet guitar licks and rhythmic drum sets of the 80’s were the soundtrack of your life.

Want to relive the magic of this rad decade? You can at RockFest 80’s presented by iHeartRadio, the first of a decade-focused rock festival series which takes place April 2nd & 3rd at Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida. Headliners include former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, Free, Bad Company, and The Firm singer Paul Rodgers. Headliner and Celebrity Rockstar Bret Michaels will be supported by a huge all-star line up which also includes “Cinderella’s” Tom Keifer, Night Ranger, Ratt, Warrant, Sebastian Bach, John Waite, Lynch Mob, Trixter, Autograph, Quiet Riot and many more!

“The Paul and Young Ron show got famous throwing rock concerts at Markham Park and boy are we glad to be going back!” says Paul Castronovo of the Paul and Young Ron show on iHeartRadio. “Rockfest 80’s is going to be nuts. I wonder if my Members Only jacket still fits.”

California’s “Sunset Strip” was the teaching ground for the Hair Band generation. This is exactly the vibe that RockFest is trying to create during the festival. Guests will hear a song and be transported back to a time in their life where rock and roll music consumed their being.

RockFest is an all encompassing 1980’s experience. Delivering a killer two-stage line up with more than 20 bands, over the course of two days and offering 80’s Dance Party to help guests ‘dance with somebody’ and ‘feel the heat with somebody’ all night long. Flanking the 80’s Dance Party Pavilion, will sit an old-school game arcade to bring rockers back to their favorite memories shooting centipedes and running away from ghosts.

RockFest is going to bring one of South Florida’s biggest muscle car shows, presenting these amazing cars 80’s babies all thrived after. “Rock Your Locks” will give the women a chance at reliving the Big Hair Days. For a small donation to benefit a local charity, the ladies can pump the volume on their hair and rock the most en vogue hairstyles during the event.

RockFest 80’s, the inaugural festival event for RockFest Concerts will return each year around the same time and held at the same venue location.

Tickets for RockFest 80’s are on sale now. More information can be found at.