This month, check out three of South Florida incredible and interactive local coffee shops where family and friends can enjoy the ambiance and some java! So, drop by and relax with cup a coffee.



Near Ft. Lauderdale’s railroad tracks, you’ll find a hidden gem, Urban Brew Café. An experience you’ll want to soak in, while either picking up a book or just vibing along with the music. Inside Urban Brew Café, you can find a quiet place to read your book by going through a secret door disguised as a bookcase. The Urban Brew Café isn’t just a cozy place to relax and eat your favorite snacks or drinks— it’s an endearing escape from reality, where food lovers and book lovers get a taste of locally grown ingredients from, their menu prepared by their baristas. It’s a place where you and your friends can escape together. Come in, and sip on a caffeinated drink while you enjoy a book!



Dulces, crema, y café! (Sweets, cream, and coffee!) Crema Gourmet Expresso Bar is a modern-day coffee shop that attracts entrepreneurs, friends, and students alike in need of a quiet place to work, catch up with family and friends, or if you’re just looking for a place to treat yourself with decadent food, or a sweet treat, all while sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee.  At Crema Gourmet Expresso Bar’s cozy lounge, you’ll be able to brainstorm or just have an amazing time. The best environment to really “Expresso yourself”!




Organically fresh and leafy! A small gem that gives off a cozy vibe. A café that’s made for social media foodies that not only enjoy the food, but also take Instagram-worthy photos of their iconic swing, which is entirely surrounded by plants and terrariums at every corner of the Vietnamese café as you walk in. Leafy is not only famous for its fresh, beaming ambiance, but also for its out-of-this-world food and frozen teddy bear drinks, which can either be paired with coffee, chai tea, bubble tea, or any other fruity drink. If you want a taste of Vietnam and a cute social media post, come and enjoy a bear-y delicious drink!