Vanguard Bernard Markowicz On Art Basel… Bridging The Culture Divide

By: Ana Heretoiu

“Many artists deliver a message whose purpose is to close the cultural gap in the world.”

Dutch Painter Piet Mondrian once famously said, “The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.” The same then can be noted of curators and gallerists, artists in their own right, for whom work entails grouping together concepts, ideas and works of art to craft context and convey meaning. Today’s giants in the industry are forging a unique path, one in which their vision of the world can tackle the very essence of what art is and who it speaks to. And though no one can answer the curious question of where will art head next, you can be sure of one thing; it will propel it boldly, and passionately, forward.

French Sculptor Richard Orlinski Comes To Miami: US Opening Party At Markowicz Fine Art Gallery Presented By Inlist

Highly respected French gallerist Bernard Markowicz, whose Miami Design District gallery Markowicz Fine Art, and influential shows feature an ever-changing collection of artworks. His gallery has housed the works of internationally renowned artists including Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Carole Feuerman, Alain Godon, Fernando Botero, Markus Klinko and Richard Orlinski. A force majeure in the art world, Markowicz continues to leave his mark on the industry with figurative and modern art-based exhibitions. This Art Basel, the Markowicz gallery will feature Kai, a Los Angeles street artist whose work often depicts powerful social and political messages calling for peace and self-reflection, along with Idan Zareski, a French-Israeli sculptor well known for his Bigfoot collection. Zareski will exhibit two new, never-before-seen pieces, The Rebel and The Whistler.

French Sculptor Richard Orlinski Comes To Miami: US Opening Party At Markowicz Fine Art Gallery Presented By Inlist

Markowicz notes that the idea behind Bigfoot is one of unification. “The Bigfoot sculptures are recognizable for their colossal feet,” he states. “The feet are what brings the body of anyone to the earth, and we all share the earth, regardless of our background or religion. The art dealer says Basel plays an important role in bringing together artists and people from all walks of life. “The diversity of the fair is incredible. It’s not just the biggest collectors who are invited. During Basel, everyone has access to amazing art and everyone is welcome to enjoy the show.”

Markowicz will also be curating two additional exhibitions. The first will transform and reimagine The National Hotel and restaurant into a Maurice Renoma-inspired space. Renoma, a French fashion designer, photographer and decorator, is best known for his surreal portraits of humans with animal heads, along with having once made the jackets of 70s and 80s icons Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger. The National will also offer an exhibit of the artist’s photography, and a pop-up store selling merchandise showcasing Renoma’s staple pieces. As a follow up to last year’s exhibition, Markowicz Fine Art will also show the popular hyperrealist sculptures by Carole A. Feuerman at the National Hotel and a second exhibition at The Gale Hotel will feature additional works by Kai curated by Markowicz.

French Sculptor Richard Orlinski Comes To Miami: US Opening Party At Markowicz Fine Art Gallery Presented By Inlist

Markowicz’ greatest role as a curator, gallerist and artist has been his craft of finding the artists he continuously works with. His talent-seeking style is not only focused on the quality of the art, but also, and even more so, about his connection with the artist. “In the long run, I work well when I bond well with the artist as a human being,” he says.

“The greatest thing about art is that it can address anybody – art is universal. The process is after all, an inspiring, emotional experience, drawing forth all of humanity.”


Markowicz Fine Art

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